The Law firm is a team of experienced legal counsels and lawyers. The law office was established in 2008. We are expanding and innovative Wroclaw based law firm. We are high calibre lawyers with market knowledge and innovation combined with client focused flexibility to deliver a personal approach at the highest professional standards.
We know the problems of foreign companies who want to expand their wings in Poland.
The Law Office is a unique law firm that specialize in medical law and civil law. As a fluent English speakers we can serve you without the need of hiring a translator. We offer legal services at its highest standard, tailored for your needs.

Personal Injury

We offer a legal help for those who suffered in car accidents. Our team of wrongful death lawyers will fight for justice and ensure that you receive the highest amount of compensation you deserve. You had a car accident in Poland - we'll win the right compensation for all the damages.

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Medical Law

We offer a legal help for medical and pharmaceutical companies and corporations. We will guide you through the process of registration of medical equipment, medical product or pharmaceutical product. Our lawyers will register your medical company in Poland.

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Family Law

Our family and divorce lawyers advise foreigners in legal divorcing procedures in Poland. We represent clients in all other family law matters: child custody, spousal support, stepparent and adult adoption. We counsel in financial issues and negotiate separation agreements.

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Corporate Law

We offer a full range of corporate and commercial services. We are just the law firm you need if you are looking for business lawyers in Wroclaw. Our business lawyers will advise you on all aspects of company formation in Poland or restructuring including the drafting of bespoke articles of association and shareholder agreements. We will prepare all necessary board minutes and resolutions.

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Debt Collection

Debt recovery lawyers offer a cost-effective, swift and specialist debt collection service for foreigners. Polish Debtor? We know how to recover your debt in Poland. The debt collection lawyers will recover your money with a use of combination of pre-legal, legal action and full enforcement procedures.

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Employment Law

We offer a legal advise for non-polish employees - from the highest ranking senior executives and partners to junior employees. The employment lawyers represent employees in contract negotiations, advise on constructive dismissal and partnership agreements. Our lawyers provide legal service for foreign employers who want to employ polish employees.

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Criminal Law

The team of criminal defence lawyers defends your rights and represents clients for offences ranging from road traffic contraventions right through to high profile cases. We specialize in fraud and business crimes. We represent accused of a crime and the victims in every step of criminal procedures.

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Other legal services

We advise across the full breadth of intellectual property rights, data protection and privacy laws and real-estate transactions in Poland. Our lawyers help in immigration law, employment solutions for foreigners and welfare benefits for their families.

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    Prior to signing a legal service contract, we conduct a non-paid diligent, initial assessment of each legal case. Our main goal is serving clients’ interest. If our lawyers assess that the case needs a more thorough legal analysis, legal advise or legal assistance and representation in court, than you will be presented with the detailed terms and conditions of our legal service.

    If your case must be conducted in court, than our lawyers will present you a detailed simulation of all costs. We will assess if a client fulfils initial requirements for court exemption from all court costs. If you seek a legal advise on setting a company in Poland we will provide you with detailed information about all costs, including court costs or notary costs.

    As soon as we finish your legal case, we present you a very detailed calculation of all costs. On your demand you we will be given all the documents regarding the case. Our law office is a registered EU VAT payer, so you may receive a 0% VAT invoice for the legal service we provided for you.

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