The Law Office of Legal Counsel Aleksander Stal

The Law Office since its beginning is situated in the centre of Wrocław, right in the middle of the Main Square at Sukiennice Street. It is a prestigious location, nearby to Wroclaw City Hall and the office of Mayor of Wroclaw.

If you enter the Main Square from Kurzy Targ Street there are parking spaces reserved for the disabled.

Due to a ban on entry to the Main Square for vehicles, we suggest our clients to park at following car parks. Convenient car parks are situated at Plac Solny, Szewska Centrum (multi-storey) and Galeria Dominikańska (multi-storey, shopping center).

In order to book the date of your visit please, contact our lawyers by phone. You may also book the meeting at suitable for you time via email. The Law Office offers online legal services for foreigners.

Thank to our management software, our lawyers at any time may give you a thorough information on the status of your case, planned court sessions or the court judgement.

Please, notice that our lawyers are fluent English speakers.


50-107 Wrocław, ul. Sukiennice 3/4 lok. 1

+48 71 342 60 30 | +48 71 719 55 55

+48 513 341 000 | +48 514 341 000

NIP: 898 169 87 24

REGON: 932695957



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