The Law Office of legal counsel Aleksander Stal is a unique law firm which specializes in medical law and pharmaceutical law. This uniqueness is a natural effect of education and work experience of legal counsel Aleksander Stal. He is a founder and the owner of the Law Office. In 1997 Aleksander Stal graduated Medical University of Silesia as a Bachelor in Medicine. After the graduation he worked as a university lecturer in Wroclaw Medical University and soon was appointed consultant in general surgery.

Following graduation medical studies, Aleksander Stal finished Wroclaw University, Faculty Law and was graduated with Master of Law diploma. Than he passed the exams for Legal Counsel Trainee’s by Opole Legal Counsels Chamber and in 2008 he passed the bar exams.

Since than his lawyer career is closely connected with medical practice. Aleksander Stal is a clinical lecturer at Wroclaw Medical University and the owner of thriving Law Office in Wroclaw.

The Law Office since its beginning is situated in a prestige location in Wroclaw, Sukiennice street. This is right in the middle of Wroclaw Main Square.

In the centre of professional activity of the Law Office are legal cases concerning law and medicine. In this natural way, the Law Office is specialized in broadly defined medical law and pharmaceutical law. Legal counsel Aleksander Stal is a continuator of his father – who worked as a judge, advocate and legal counsel. The law services also include civil law, business, corporate law and criminal law. The team of our lawyers include lawyers who specialize in tax law, administrative law, family law, intellectual property rights and energy law.

Legal counsel Aleksander Stal is an author of many publications and articles both legal and medical.



  • free of charge legal advice concerning the specifics of the case
  • legal advice – after a thorough examination of specifics of legal issue, preparing a written legal opinion which indicates all legal aspects of the problem and includes the legal solution to the issue
  • preparing the legal papers and necessary calls to opposite sites, indicating legal arguments
  • discourse with opponent, mediation
  • ending up pre-litigation procedures by accomplishing an agreement with opponent


  • legal advice on necessity of filing a lawsuite
  • assessment of value of the object of litigation and the value of statutory interest
  • litigation risk analysis, determining the total costs of litigation, assessment of applying for court exemption from all court costs
  • preparing a lawsuit, a response to a suit, representation in court
  • preparing means of recourse
  • compulsory enforcement

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