Radca prawny means Attorney-at-Law

Attorney means radca prawny

Radca prawny means Attorney-at-Law.

During the years polish incorporate lawyers called radca prawny had problems to translate  theirs title into English. Interpreters were distracted and didn’t know how to translate the title “radca prawny”.

Radca prawny in English – how it was…

Some just translated “radca prawny” as “lawyer”. That was quite a simplification that did not reflect the essence. Others translated phrase “radca prawny” as “legal adviser”. This translation, in my opinion, did not mirror all specifics of radca prawny activities. Radca prawny does not only serve legal advices but also represents clients in courts of all instances.”Legal adviser” is connected only with serving legal advices.

The other translation that existed was “Legal counsel”. Such translation was quite accurate and described various legal activities of radca prawny. Though, this interpreting was also not widely accepted.

I believe that all problems with translating the meaning of “radca prawny” were caused by two factors. First, it is the difference between british naming (solicitor) and american  (attorney). On the other hand in Poland there are two bars – Bar Association of Advocates and Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law (radca prawny). Besides the difference in naming members of those two Bars they are almost equal in entitlements. Due to lack of official translation of phrase “radca prawny”, the interpreters tried to suit the translation according to british or american legal system and also tried at the same time distinguish the naming of “adwokat” (advocate) from “radca prawny” (attorney-at-law).

The resolution regulates the translation of phrase “radca prawny” and other connected.

For above reasons, I am really pleased with resolution of the National Bar Council of Attorneys-at-Law from 22nd  Septmeber 2018 (Resolution No 102/X/2018). The Resolution unifies translation of the name “radca prawny”and associated phrases.

The Bar Council recommends the Bar members to implement adopted translations. In aditition, the competent polish and foreign authorities were informed about  the resolution.

What are the adopted translations of radca prawny and other phrases?

radca prawny – attorney-at-law

aplikant radcowski – trainee attorney-at-law

Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego – Law Firm of Attorney-at-Law

Okręgowa Izba Radców Prawnych – Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law

The Resolution of the National Bar Council of Attorneys-at-Law was long-awaited by Attorneys-at-Law (radcy prawni) who perform legal services for foreign clients. English interpreters also warmly welcomed the answer to longtime question: how to translate phrase “radca prawny”.

It remains for me to thank the Bar for the resolution and to gladly implement it and change the naming on my letterhead paper and on my Law Firm webpage.





Aleksander Stal

attorney-at-law, Wroclaw

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