How to get a PESEL number

PESEL for foreigner

How to obtain PESEL while being abroad

Obtain your PESEL number in Poland

In many situations foreigners need to obtain a PESEL number. Sometimes they will get it automatically, sometimes they have to apply for it. What if a foreigner cannot come to Poland? Can he also obtain a PESEL number? How?

What is a PESEL number

The polish abbreviation PESEL means in English Universal Electronic System for Registration of the Population (“Powszechny Elektroniczny System Ewidencji Ludności”). This is the national identification number in Poland. The PESEL number is individual and it consists of 11 digits that are unique for every registered person. First 6 numbers identify a date of birth, than the century of birth and the sex of a person. The municipal body that is handling PESEL issues is usually called Citizen Affairs Division.

Why should I get a PESEL number?

You are planning to stay in Poland for a longer time? Sooner or later you will need your unique PESEL number. You will need that number to open a bank account, register your visit in hospital, find a job or to pay taxes.

If you are a foreigner and you will offically register your stay in Poland for at least 30 days than you will get your PESEL number ex officio. If you are a foreigner living in Poland and you get residency in Poland than you will automatically obtain a PESEL number.

PESEL number for a foreigner who doesn’t live in Poland

In some situations foreigners who don’t live and stay in Poland also need to get a PESEL number. Mostly it is connected with business activity. Let’s imagine that a foreigner wants to open a LLC in Poland (spolka z o.o.). As a president – CEO of that company such a person can work remotely from outside of Poland. But as a CEO or even as a shareholder this person must sign many official papers and reports that are required by Polish Law. Moreover, the PESEL number of the CEO must be listed in National Court Register (KRS). So, the question arises:

How to get a PESEL number without coming to Poland

Yes, it is possible to obtain your PESEL number while you abroad. Such possibility can offer you an attorney (radca prawny). The attorney would require from a you a power of attorney and a notarized copy of your passport. Our law office will represent you and obtain your PESEL number within 30 days!

Registering PESEL number in KRS (National Court Register)

If you are a CEO in polish company than you shall register your PESEL number in Registration Court. Our lawyers will prepare all the necessary paperwork and applications. Than as your attorneys we will file them to KRS and register your PESEL number in Registration Court.

Our Law Office is in Wroclaw but we can help you to obtain your PESEL number in other parts of Poland!

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