25 March 2021
PESEL for foreigner

How to get a PESEL number

Obtain your PESEL number in Poland In many situations foreigners need to obtain a PESEL number. Sometimes they will get it automatically, sometimes they have to […]
12 May 2020
LLC for sale in Poland

LLC (Limited Liability Company) for sale

Offer of selling whole shares of polish LLC  (selling if the whole company). Our Law Office provides legal services for business entities (also LLCs). Acting on […]
2 July 2018

How to get a PESEL for a foreign member of a Board.

PESEL for a foreign member of a Board. Recently, we have received many enquires from foreign board members or foreign shareholders asking how to obtain a […]
7 February 2017
How to register company in Poland||

A foreigner can set up a company in Poland without his personal presence – remotely or with a help of representative

Poland, as a member of UE, has become an attractive location for business ventures. Due to logistics, foreigners who wants to expand their business in Poland, […]