Aleksander Stal


I am the founder and owner of Law Firm of Attorney-at-Law Aleksander Stal. The Law Firm was founded in 2008.
I was born in Opole and since 1997 I live in Wroclaw, Poland.

Since I remember I was fascinated by medicine and law. Although these two disciplines seem to be very distant, since my youngest age they were very close to me. My ancestors were doctors and judges.

Between 1990-1996r. I had been studying medicine at Silesian Medical University and graduated it in 1996 as a MD. During my medical studies  I was interested in surgery and after I had finished my medical studies I was graduated as a general surgeon in 1990 and in 2007 as a consultant in general surgery.

Just after I had finished my medical studies I began law studies at Wroclaw University and was graduated with Master of Law diploma. The advisor of master’s dissertation in Criminal Law titled „Legal Aspects of Transplantology” was prof. Witold Szkotnicki.

After I graduated my legal studies I passed the exams for Legal Counsel Trainee’s by Opole Legal Counsels Chamber. In 2008 I finished legal apprenticeship and passed the bar exams.

Since I remember I was fascinated by my father – Stanislaw Stal – judge, Attorney-atLaw and advocate. My first legal experience I gained under his vigilant and rigorous supervision. Later I worked in other Law Offices in Opole.

After I passed the bar exams I decided to set my own Law Office. At the beginnings it was a small office with only one employed lawyer. At present the team of Law Office consists of two legal counsels and two legal counsel trainees. I am the patron of three attorney-at-law trainees. We strictly cooperate with other legal counsels and advocates from other regions of Poland. Due to dynamic development of Law Office we serve clients and cases from all areas of Poland.

I am also an academic lecturer employed by Wroclaw Medical University and a member of Faculty Council. I was a coordinator of legal lectures at Faculty of Health Science at Wroclaw Medical University. At present I am a lecturer of general surgery and medical law at Wroclaw Medical University, Faculty of Medicine. I prepare opinions for Regional Commission for Evaluation of Medical Events.

I am the author and co-author of many publications – both medical and legal. My articles were printed in Gazeta Prawna.
The Law Office cooperates with student organization ELSA by University of Wroclaw, Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics.

I am a fluent English speaker. During a year training in London and was graduated with Cambridge English certificate: Advanced (CEA). I finished the course Certificate od Proficiency in English (CPE).

I am keen on travelling. The love of my life is my gorgeous wife Anna and two kids. I love reading historic books, especially those on beginning of Christianity.

Despite my many duties, I always find enough time to talk to my clients- Aleksander Stal, Attorney-at-Law


Medical University of Silesia


Faculty of Medicine, medicine doctor

General Surgeon


General Surgery

University of Wroclaw


Faculty of Law, Master of Law

Consultant in General Surgery


General Surgery

Trainee Attorney-at-Law


Attorney-at-Law apprenticeship by Opole Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law



Opole Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law


specjalista od szeroko pojętego prawa medycznego, prowadzi wykłady i szkolenia z prawa medycznego, obsługuje jednostki ochrony zdrowia, konstruuje opinie prawne i prowadzi sprawy z zakresu prawa farmaceutycznego i niepożądanych zdarzeń medycznych.

zajmuje się obsługą polskich i zagranicznych podmiotów gospodarczych, konstruuje opinie z zakresu prawa podatkowego i prawa spółek.

dzięki ogromnej wiedzy z zakresu prawa i medycyny jest wybitnym specjalistą od szkód osobowych i szacowania uszczerbków na zdrowiu oraz oceny skutków zdarzenia wywołującego szkodę na zdrowie osoby poszkodowanej.

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